FBI UIU Unusual Incidents Unit

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"FBI Unusual Incident Unit (UIU) The FBI Unusual Incident Unit (UIU) is a specialized division operating within the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The UIU's primary mission is to investigate and resolve cases involving events that are difficult to handle or of an unusual nature. These incidents may involve paranormal, supernatural, or situations that fall outside the boundaries of conventional science and logic. The main objective of the UIU is to ensure the safety of citizens and uphold public order. The UIU comprises trained agents who specialize in examining extraordinary occurrences. This unit employs various resources to analyze events, gather evidence, and conduct research. Furthermore, they adopt a scientific approach aimed at explaining mysterious or unusual incidents through natural explanations, rather than attributing them to supernatural factors. The scope of the UIU's work encompasses UFO sightings, psychic phenomena, unexplained cryptids, and paranormal activities. These types of incidents not only capture significant public interest but may also have implications for public safety and national security. The UIU collaborates with both federal and local agencies to find the best possible solutions, relying on scientific and reliable data. However, the operations and specifics of the UIU are generally kept classified, and limited information is made available to the public. This security measure is likely in place to prevent potential panic or security vulnerabilities that could arise from disclosing sensitive cases."